Thursday, July 27, 2006

A few random things

It appears I have some independent support for my position on the importance of grammar in sounding intelligent. Excerpted from a rant at The Two Percent Company:

Note the grasp of spelling, syntax and grammar in Karen's e-mail as compared to the first one; are we saying that intelligent people see through Allison's bullshit, while morons buy it hook, line and sinker? In a word: yeah.

Secondly, a note to other skeptical bloggers: I'm studying Physics at university (well, technically the program is "Mathematical Physics"), which means I'm one of the small group of people who actually have an idea of what quantum mechanics is actually about. So, if you need any help debunking someone's claims that something works on a "quantum" level, I'm your man.

"Men have two levers, fear and self-interest." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Religion works because it pulls both levers simultaneously.


Bronze Dog said...

Care to help me make an update on my Doggerel entry on "Quantum?"

Had one other guy complain about some of my inaccuracies and offer to guest-write an update for a pizza.

I'm thinking about a closely related entry "Quantum Mechanics proves [Woo]!" about how the weirdness of the double-slit experiment, Shrodinger's cat, etcetera don't support their pet hypotheses. Could use some help understanding some of them.

Infophile said...

Sure thing. I'll send you an e-mail a bit later today when I get home from work and the non-company e-mail servers aren't blocked.