Thursday, December 07, 2006

Houdini rises from the grave... prove that such nonsense as "Rising from the grave" is impossible. Go see what I'm talking about at the 49th Skeptic circle courtesy of Autism Street.

And, if I may be granted a moment to grumble: He forgot Mythbusters. Come on, they're skeptical, and they blow stuff up! What's not to love?


Do'C said...

I love the Mythbusters, and could have made it a top 30 list easily and included Richard Dawkins, Phil Plait, Oracknows, and many many others along with the Mythbusters.

Infophile said...

Oh yeah, fair enough. There's hardly room to list all the notable skeptics in a single top ten list. The reason I'd put it in my personal top ten is that, like Penn and Teller, they're likely to draw in people who aren't already skeptics, which is a very valuable service.