Friday, February 02, 2007

Strange Searches

I figured I'd take a page from a few other bloggers and post some of the strange search strings that have led people to my blog. Sitemeter is only showing the last couple of days, but there are some interesting ones nonetheless.

atheist pedophiles - This is what we call "Example mining." Try a search for "Priest pedophiles" next time and see how much easier it is.

quantum theory for dummies - I seem to get about two of these every day. I really should get around to continuing the series.

electrons - This was a blogs-only search, but I still must have been pretty far down the list. Someone really wanted to know about electrons...

how long till the ice has melted in antarctica - Already started. How long for all of it? Maybe a hundred years at the outside, if nothing's done to stop global warming.

meat puppets - Probably the band; I couldn't have popularized the term that quickly.

First, assume the cow is spherical - Second, assume it has constant density. Third, assume it's in a vacuum. Fourth, do not attempt Cow-Tipping.

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