Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We may not torture, but we play Metallica

In the US news, it seems the best stories always slip through the cracks - sometimes even the Daily Show misses them. Here's one from a few years ago which I just found which seems to have only showed up in the British papers, and no, it is not a joke: Metallica is latest interrogation tactic.

This makes me wonder: Why do they use good music (for the heavy metal part, at least)? Why not just pull out the absolute worst? I guess maybe, since they're already skirting the line with Metallica, anything worse would cross over into definitely being torture.


Akusai said...

In high school I once listened to nothing but the Black Album for something like 6 months straight. Granted, it wasn't 24 hours a day, but it was the only music I heard when I was driving around or listening to my Discman for half-a-year. I don't remember feeling tortured.

Now if they made terrorists listen to John Mayer, they might be onto something.

Infophile said...

Well, there are a few other factors that make it bad for the terrorists. First of all, it is pretty much 24 hours a day, and instead of an entire album, it's nothing but Enter Sandman. Secondly, these people have never heard heavy metal before, so it's quite shocking to them.

Finally, the Metallica is mixed up with Barney. I'm sure you can understand how nothing but Barney would be torture.