Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shermer on Colbert

Just found out as I was watching it, but Michael Shermer was on the Colbert Report tonight. In my opinion, he did a marvelous job of explaining some basics principles of skepticism, such as the problem with anecdotes and confirmation bias. Hopefully this interview will show up on YouTube soon, and I'll put up a link if I find it. Otherwise, try to catch one of the reruns of it.

EDIT: Bob's informed me in the comments that you can find the interview on Comedy Central's site here, though you'll have to watch a short ad first.


Bob said...

If you like, I could record the rerun when I get home from work, then upload it to Veoh (YouTube hates it when I do that).

Or you could just post this, but what fun would that be?

Infophile said...

Ah, thanks for that. Not sure if you have to upload it yourself; I've noticed that Shermer tends to personally upload a lot of his interviews to YouTube, so he'll probably get to it before long.

Akusai said...

I watched it last night and while I was impressed with Shermer's ability to expound on the nature of skepticism (as I was that time I hung out with him), he didn't seem to want to be in on the joke very much, and so he lost points from me because of that.