Sunday, December 30, 2007

Google him

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I've been keeping up with reading most of my watched blogs, but just haven't felt the urge to post. Well, I came across something today which merits attention.

Near one of my favorite lunch restaurants near my parents' house, it appears that Ron Paul has set up his campaign headquarters for the area. Now, in case you haven't heard about Ron Paul yet, to sum it up, he's a quack enabler, doesn't believe in evolution or the Holocaust, and has accepted campaign contributions from neo-nazis.

Sound like the kind of man you want to be President? Nope, me neither. Well, I noticed something on the signs on his campaign headquarters. One of them had the message "Google him." Let's try this. At the time of my search, his campaign site is first, and the Wikipedia article on him is second. Nothing at all surprising there. However, we do come across this news article on him. He's apparently the most googled republican candidate, which is rather unsurprising when you consider the message on some of his signs.

You know what the problem is, though? The truly frightening information about Paul can't be found easily in the first few pages Google finds. Tch. Well, we should really do something about that. Google bomb time, perhaps? I'm not sure if it's particularly worth it here, as he doesn't stand too much chance of winning. However, he is still a congressman. Maybe if some people in his district know about his less-than-savory activities, he won't last.

Well, if anyone else feels the urge to help redirect googlers to better information about this guy, feel free to repost the following links:

Ron Paul
Ron Paul
Ron Paul
Ron Paul


Caldera said...

Oh, jeez here we go with the usual slander and sound bite driven snippets of Paul bashing. Everyone knows he's not a racist and posts like this are a disgrace to millions of Americans who support Ron Paul (those real people who send the campaign money and put road signs everywhere). He's been reelected many times in his district (10 times I believe), so no need to even slander in that direction. Stop re-reading all the BS that is posted about Ron Paul and start listening to his interviews and have some decent conversations that don't include the words 'Nazi, Stormfront, quack, racist'. It's getting very old.

Akusai said...

I was gonna tell you to get ready for the Paultard invasion, but looks like I was beat to the punch.

Infophile said...

Heh, yeah, that didn't take long at all. They must skim newsfeeds for mentions of him or something. Anyways, this does seem a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but onto the rebuttal:

First of all, where did you hear me saying he was a racist? I made four claims about him:

1. Quack Enabler
2. Evolution denier
3. Holocaust denier
4. Accepted contributions from neo-nazis.

None of those even imply that he's a racist (though an anti-semite, maybe). Seems you're reading claims into my post that I haven't made. Whether they should be made, on the other hand, is another matter.

Not much for other arguments here, really. Just an appeal to "Everyone knows" and a recommendation to get information only from favorable sources. Really? You mean if I ignore all the sources that are critical of him, he'll come off looking good? Wow...

Bronze Dog said...

The quackery thing alone is bad enough, and the source comes straight from Ron Paul's website.

VikingMoose said...

this libertarian moose cannot understand the popularity of RP.

At all.

For me, he's very UNlibertarian on most (all?) fronts, his ideas default to socially-conservative norms, he is not impressed with evidence, and his campaign's poor response to the newsletters suggests a degree of incompetence.

Some of his supporters post at Reason magazine's Hit and run blog. Truly amazing. Not all libertarians are like that!! :)