Thursday, September 27, 2007

Skeptic's Circle #70 + Submission Guidelines

The latest edition of the Skeptic's Circle is now up, courtesy of the Factician.

Two weeks from now, the Skeptic's Circle will be circling right back here to Infophilia. No big clues to the theme this time, except to promise to do my best to make you think. You can send your best skepticism-related posts to TheInfophile {at} gmail {that punctuation mark which is like a comma but without the tail} com. If you're unsure what might be appropriate, check out the submission guidelines.

Now, I'll warn you guys in advance that there may be something coming up with me around the time the circle is scheduled (probably not, but it's a possibility), so I might have to put it up a day early or late. So, in case it's early, I'm going to make the tentative deadline for submissions Tuesday at midnight GMT. I'll know by next weekend if there will be a conflict, so I'll be able to confirm a deadline then.

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