Sunday, November 19, 2006

AAA: Aliens Against Anal (Probing)

Just saw this clip on TV, and had to share it. This is probably the best (or at least funniest) argument against the reality of alien abductions I've seen. Enjoy.


austinatheist said...

That's just what I needed after watching the History Channel's latest program detailing the so-called "evidence" for the Nazi's secret flying saucer program.

Infophile said...

Ugh, the History Channel has gone to the dark side, too? What are we left with, just the Discovery channel now (and them only because Mythbusters balances out the crap)?

austinatheist said...

And the Travel Channel has taken me on many tours of allegedly haunted tourist traps, holy sites, Area 51, Stonehenge, and the Bermuda Triangle.

I don't get the National Geographic Channel anymore, but it was going the way of the History Channel as well, what with all the programs about Heaven and Hell, the Second Coming, and the Divinci Code.

It makes for good practice if you feel like neurotically talking back to your television.