Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let's do the Timewarp Again

Sorry it's taking me longer to get the second part of my Global Warming post out; I had to skip town attend a grad school thing in Toronto, and had no internet access at my hotel. I'll hopefully have it out later tonight.

One other note: I realized from a recent comment that Blogger wasn't displaying my e-mail address (I thought I'd had it set up so it would, but the settings seem to randomly change on me). I've fixed that now, and while I was at it set up a G-mail address I'll be using for this blog "The Infophile (a with a circle around it) gmail (decimal point) com" (remove spaces, guess which characters I'm talking about in the parentheses. You never know how smart those bots are getting). No big deal, I'll still be checking any other address you've gotten from me, just trying to narrow it down to one address that will be used with this blog.

Oh, and if some of my post titles seem somewhat odd, don't worry about it. It's just part of my evil plan to ban prayer in public schools, make gay marriages not just legal but mandatory (to show them what a threat to marriage actually is), and create a tax on idiocy (or maybe just IDiocy).

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