Thursday, March 29, 2007

Skeptic's Circle #57

The 57th Skeptic's Circle is now up courtesy of Aardvarchaeology, and if we all pitch in, we can clean up all these zebra droppings.

Open thread as usual, but taunting me for not having anything good and Suikoden-related to use for my next post (#108) is FORBIDDEN.


Akusai said...

I won't taunt you, but yesterday I went into my local used games store where they previously had Suikodens III, IV, and V for about $15 each only to find that someone had snapped up all of them.


Infophile said...

Well, there's always E-bay. They generally go pretty cheap there (just $10 or so for my copy of III). Note though that this doesn't apply for I and II. Expect to pay $40 or so for I and $100+ for II.