Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mary Goes Reptilian

This just in: The Virgin Mary has chosen to manifest a picture of herself on a common turtle. See for the full story. "Why would she do this?" you ask. Uh... heretic! Burn him!

And at the very same time, Jesus Christ himself has decided to manifest on an MRI scan. It's true. It looks like it, so it must be true. Could both of these happening at the same time be a harbinger of the end times? Or could it just be indicative that these things are now chic and the media will buy any crappy story?


Anonymous said...

" ... the Fifth Amendment, which prevents people from being able to testify against themselves."

A minor point: The 5th Amendment does not prevent people from being able to testify against themselves, it prevents the government from forcing them to do so.

Infophile said...

I tried to phrase it like that to cover all variants of its use, but I guess the wording doesn't quite work out. What you said is part of it, but it also guarantees that any self-incriminating testimony or admissions of guild given cannot be taken as stand-alone evidence of guilt.