Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Comment Deleting Policy

I figured that after my recent rant about comment deleting, I owe you guys the courtesy of explaining my position on the matter. Simply put, I try to avoid doing it; it keeps things more honest. But, there are some times I will.

I may delete your comment...

  • If it's simply spam.
  • If it's simply flaming or trolling.
  • If it breaks any law of the U.S. or Canada. (I'm not going to risk being a party to it.)
  • If it's a double post. The original will, of course, be kept.
  • If you request that I do so, I agree with your reasoning, and it wouldn't cause confusion by being missing.
  • If it's completely irrelevent or off-topic.

However, I might not delete your comment...

  • If it's humorous enough to keep and mock.
  • If its existence makes you look bad, and I don't feel like helping you look good.

I'll leave on the "recoverable" option for most deletions, though I won't bother for deletions of double posts and some really outrageous spamming.

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