Saturday, April 07, 2007

Behe-ind the Madness

You're transported back to the auditorium where this all started. Nate Black is there, doing something on Infophile's computer. Noticing you, he says, "Ah, you're back. Find out anything that might help us?"

"Yes," you say. "I think I've figured out who's behind this all, though I don't know if we can do anything about it."

"Really? I've been doing some tests, and I have a theory on it myself. What did you come up with?"

"From what I've found out," you say, "it seems that Michael Behe and the Discovery Institue are behind this. They've loosed the boundaries of reality tonight to advance their goals of getting creationism accepted."

"Hmm, interesting. And how did they do it?"

"I can't say," you reply.

"Yes, that is a tough point. All of history up to tonight is perfectly consistent with our scientific understanding of reality. And then it diverges completely. Odd, to say the least. With everything we know, this absolutely should not be happening, Discovery Institute or not."

"You said you had a theory, though. What is it?" you ask.

Black replies, "Quite simply, that this isn't happening. To be honest, the hypothesis that I'm hallucinating or having a very lucid dream seems a lot more likely than that reality has come unhinged."

"Well, I know I'm conscious here, so I can't just be part of your hallucination, can I?"

"I could say the same to you. Maybe you're just part of my dream saying you're conscious. It's impossible to make that distinction to be honest. Either way, what do you think? You still think this is actually a plot by the Discovery Institute?"

"Yes, it's probably them."

"It might be a dream..."

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