Saturday, April 07, 2007

Time running out

You arrive in what looks like some sort of office. Judging by the displays on the walls, it appears to be for Time magazine. Nearby, you see an incensed Richard Dawkins acting just like a militant atheist - arguing passionately with an employee.

Approaching the pair, you politely interrupt and ask what the problem is. Dawkins explains, "Time recently selected me as one of their hundred most influential people, and while I appreciate their selection of me, their choice of profiler for me was nothing more than an insult."

"Why? Who did they choose?"

"Michael Behe," he replies, disgust barely veiled behind his polite demeanor.

"Wait, you mean the same Behe who disagrees with virtually everything you stand for, in both evolution and religion?"

"The same."

You turn to the employee Dawkins was arguing with and start yelling at him yourself. When you've calmed down enough to hear a reply, the employee explains to you that, "There was nothing we could do! The Discovery Institute threatened to sue us if we didn't provide a balanced perspective, and letting Behe profile Dawkins was the only thing they'd accept."

"What? They can't sue you over a matter like that; you're entitled to free speech."

"That's what I thought," the employee says, "but apparently things have changed. Have you looked at the constitution recently? The first amendment has disappeared from it. Something really doesn't want us to have free speech if it disagrees with their view."

"Hmm, there's no way the Discovery Institute has the political clout to pull off something like that," Dawkins comments.

Unless they attack reality directly, and force out the belief in free speech, you think to yourself. But what about Cruise's comments earlier? He seemed suspicious as well...

It's probably Behe behind all of this...

It's probably Cruise behind all of this...

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