Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Crumpled Note

Flattening out the note found in Infophile's hand, it turns out to indeed be a list of contributors for the Skeptic's Circle. But what about the big plans he said he had, and don't you care about the fact that he appears to have just been shot? Well, you could go back and try to figure that out, or you could just go on and read the list of sites for this Skeptic's Circle if you're short on time... cheater.

Submitted Posts

Aardvarchaeology: Swedish Study of the Kensington Rune Stones
Action Skeptics: Mr. Bigfoot Goes To...Wherever The Capital of Canada Is
The Bronze Blog: Doggerel #78: Vibration
The Bronze Blog: Doggerel #79: Wellness
The Bronze Blog: Doggerel #80: "What's the Harm?"
The Bronze Blog: Doggerel #81: "[Evil Guy] believed in [Theory]"
The Bronze Blog: Why versus Why
Conspiracy Factory: An anecdote about anecdotes Selectivity from FRC
Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds: The Mysterious Ica Stones
Holford Watch: Food For The Brain: What Is the Evidence for Allergy or Intolerance Testing in Children
Hot Dogs, Pretzels, and Perplexing Questions: Perplexing Question #1: Paradox of the Question
Junkfood Science: Seeing only fat
Junkfood Science: When you feel scared and worried...
NeuroLogica Blog: I'm Certain You're Going to Love This One
News from Hawkhill Acres: I'm an Agnostic and So Are You
Pooflingers Anonymous: Comedic Value
Providentia: Making An Impression
Science After Sunclipse: Newsweek on Sex-Ed and Statistics
Science After Sunclipse: The Edge of Evolution
Science After Sunclipse: Time: You're On Notice!
Science and Progress: Systematic review of nutritional supplement for the treatment of allergic rhinitis
The Second Sight: It's Not What It Looks Like! I Was Only Raising My Ch'i!
Wandering Primate: Traditional Chinese Medicine: A History Revealed (Part 1, Part 2)

Next Time

Date: May 24th
Location: Memoirs of a Skepchick
Contact: skepchick [at] skepchick [dot] org

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