Sunday, April 01, 2007

Oh, my random-fluctuations-in-the-spacetime-continuum, I was wrong!

It appears that RealClimate has put up a frankly hilarious alternative explanation for Global Warming: Sheep loss. It's definitely worth a read, so go check it out. There's just one little problem I have with it: Someone's going to end up doing one of the following:

  1. Believe it. I've noticed that whenever you ask the question "Could anyone really be stupid enough...?" the answer is almost always "Yes."
  2. Quote-mine it. I can just see someone quoting them for saying, "The already-reeling 'consensus' supposedly linking climate change to CO2 is about to receive its final coup-de-grace..."
  3. Not believe it, but think they're serious and use this to criticize them. I've seen this happen all-too-often before.
Anyone care to wager on how long it will take before one of these happens?


Nes said...

I give it 5 days, or 24 hours after one of the big blogs or the mainstream media reports on it (assuming they haven't already, I haven't been to Pharyngula yet), whichever happens first.

Great find, by the way. I only understood about 2/3's of the jokes (I could tell there were others there, but I wasn't knowledgeable enough about what they were joking about to get it), but a few of them were hilarious.

Infophile said...

You'll have to credit Skeptico with the original find. And no, haven't seen anything on Pharyngula about it, but Climate Change is kinda out of its purview.